Looking for “Game of Thrones”, “Chronicles of Narnia” or “Big Bang Theory” and can’t find it?

If you answered yes, please stop what you’re doing because we need to have a little talk. Boy oh boy, that would be swell wouldn’t it? We’d love to give you “The Hunger Games” for free if we could but here, in the Real World of content licensing and Video on Demand, it just ain’t gonna happen. Sorry. At Viewster we license rare, boutique and cult titles and provide them to you for free on a legal platform. Did we mention that our content is free already? The best way to discover Viewster content is to use our detailed search fields. Are you looking for an Action or Adventure flick or a “Festival Darling”? Or are you in the mood for something “trashy”, “mind-bending” or “sexy”? If you’re still undecided, you can always choose a wild-card and open your eyes to what we call a “WTF?!”—trust us, we’re pretty good at this.